Business Courses

Our online business courses will help you learn new skills and refresh your memory on certain policies and legislation. Each course is written by experts in the field and covers every aspect of business that you need to know about. It has never been easier to improve your CPD for the business sector, enrolling only takes a couple of minutes and you can start right away with your course.

COVID-19 Awareness

This COVID-19 course will help give you more insight into what is happening globally in the world, what rules are in place and how we can protect each other. After completing this course you will have a better understanding of what Coronavirus is, who it affects and how we can begin to go back to work in the safest possible way.

COVID-19 In Offices

Our COVID-19 in Offices course is perfect for anyone that wants to know the up to date rules/guidelines behind working in an office environment or working from home during the pandemic.

COVID-19 – Close Contact Workers

This COVID-19 Close Contact course will highlight the use of face coverings in a close contact environment and that wearing one is now mandatory in indoor public places so that protection of others is increased and the possibility of transmission is decreased. You will learn the face covering is designed to protect others and that the wearing of a face covering should be encouraged by all who work within a close contact setting and all who visit it, and the correct use of a face covering is vital.

Customer Service Skills

Our Customer Service Skills will help you gain a greater understanding on how to anticipate reactions and expectations from customers and acknowledge that some customers can be tricky and in these situations you will learn the best techniques in order to stay professional and calm.

Data Protection in Schools

In our Data Protection in Schools course you gain more knowledge around GDPR and that it sets out high standards for consent, you will learn the five different elements that GDPR outlines which must be taken into account when an individual is considering giving consent. You will also cover in detail the duties of the data protection officer, which schools are legally required to have.

Equality and Diversity

Our equality and diversity course is perfect for managers and supervisors to help make sure that they put the best practice into place in the working environment. Equality and diversity training helps to reduce the occurrence of discrimination and to make sure everyone from any walk of life is treated equally and fairly.

LGBTQ+ Awareness

Our LGBTQ Awareness course is for anyone wanting to know the up to date laws and legislations around LGBTQ+ itself. You will learn the importance of language and terminology in relation to minority groups and how the ways in which people are referred to and portrayed can have a significant impact on how they are perceived in society. You will learn whilst there are some similarities between bullying and harassment, the two are different, particularly when it comes to legalities.

Management Level 3

This Level 3 management course is perfect for new or existing managers to hone their skills. The units cover everything that managers should know, from solving problems, how to promote equality and diversity in the work place and managing conflict.

Office Health and Safety

Our Office Health and Safety course will help you gain a greater understanding on the importance of health and safety, as it prevents workers and others from being injured or being made ill while they are at work. You will learn the three main reasons in which employers should manage health and safety in the workplace and that it is there obligation to ensure health and safety is adhered to.

Safer Recruitment

Studying our Safer Recruitment course will give you the information you need to know when advertising jobs, doing interviews and taking on new employees in a setting with children and young people. The course covers the legislation and policies needed to ensure child protection.

Team Leading Level 2

Learn the basics of team leading with our online CPD course. Covering effective leadership skills and performance management, this course is perfect for any team leader in any industry.

Understanding GDPR

GDPR is something that all businesses should have knowledge on, this legislation is fairly new and only came into effect in May 2018. This course will look at the key principles of GDPR and what the aims of the legislation are. It will look at the legal responsibilities that businesses have to comply with.

Violence at Work

Our violence at work course is perfect for supervisors, mangers and HR staff as it will give you more insight into what violence at work is, who is more at risk of experiencing violence and how to deal/prevent violence in the workplace. This course is also suitable for workers who are in jobs where they are at more risk of experiencing violent assaults.

Workplace First Aid

Our workplace first aid course is perfect for any qualified first aiders, who are one of the designated first aiders in the workplace to complete to refresh their training, so that they are up to date on their knowledge.

Workplace Stress Awareness

In our Workplace Stress course, you will gain a greater understanding of what stress is, how it impacts people and what can be done to reduce work related stress. The course will also cover how an employee is considered fit for work after a period of absence, as well as acknowledging the importance of risk assessments in the workplace to ensure all employees are safe and that their mental health and well-being is taken into account.