Dementia Awareness

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Helping a person with dementia to maintain quality of life is extremely important. This dementia awareness course will help carers, family members and those living with dementia how to diagnose, treat and live dementia to ensure quality of life is always central in a care plan.

All about this course

This dementia awareness course will cover everything that you need to know about dementia from diagnosis to ongoing care. Through the units we will go into detail about what dementia is and what the effects can be for the person living with dementia, carers, family and friends.

Our dementia awareness course will also cover the care that can be provided for people living with dementia and will look in-depth at a person centered approach and how this can help people living with dementia to still maintain a good quality of life.

In order to complete the course, you must achieve 80% or more in the final multiple choice quiz.

You will earn 3 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 3 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.

Fully CPD registered
Completed online with instant downloadable certificate
Fully printed certificate posted next day
Covers all required legislation and practices
Complete the online multiple choice assessment as many times as you need to pass

Units covered

Unit 1 – Introduction to Dementia – In our first unit you will explore what the term dementia means and will consider the different types of dementia and what the causes of these may be. The unit will finish off by looking at some of the risk factors that may make someone more susceptible to developing dementia.
Unit 2 – Diagnosis of dementia- Next you will look at how a diagnosis of dementia may take place, the different types of assessments and checks that can be done to determine if an individual has developed dementia will also be covered, so students will have more understanding of the diagnosis stage.
Unit 3 – Effects of dementia – Here you will consider the effects of dementia on the individual, as well as carers, family and friends. This unit will also consider the changes that types of dementia can bring about before looking at the symptoms that these changes can cause.
Unit 4 – Living with dementia – This unit will look at what happens once a diagnosis of dementia has been made and what interventions may form part of an individuals care and support plan. This unit will then go onto look at some adaptations that may be made to an individual’s home and what opportunities for support are available both in the local community and via dementia-related charities.
Unit 5 – Dementia care – In our final unit you will explore what strategies can be used to care for individuals who have dementia so that they are able to live independently for as long as possible, this unit will cover a person centered approach and how the use of memory aids can be useful.

Dementia Awareness