Working at height

Working at height

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This course is perfect for people who work at height, you will explore the legislation that are applicable to work at height and consider the general requirements of them. We will also look at why falls can occur and they ways to prevent them.

All about this course

In this work from height course we will look at what is classed as work at height and the main industries that are at higher risk of falls. We will consider why risk assessments are important and look at who is responsible for carrying out the risk assessment, as well as the five steps of a risk assessments. We will also explore some of the work at height equipment that people can use to assist them in their work.

In order to complete the course, you must achieve 80% or more in the final multiple choice quiz.

You will earn 3 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 3 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.
Fully CPD registered
Completed online with instant downloadable certificate
Fully printed certificate posted next day
Covers all required legislation and practices
Complete the online multiple choice assessment as many times as you need to pass

Units covered

Unit 1 – Introduction to work at height – In our first unit we will be exploring what work at height is and the different examples of work at height.
Unit 2 – Identifying, assessing and controlling risks – In this unit we will look at what a risk assessment is, why they are important and the five steps of a risk assessment.
Unit 3 – Safety aspects for consideration – This unit will explore the types of hazards that can occur while working on a roof, as well as looking at why falls at height occur.
Unit 4 – Training and safety equipment – In this unit we will look at some examples of work at height training and consider what types of PPE needs to be used.
Unit 5 – Working at height equipment – In our final unit we will be looking at the types of work at height equipment and the factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting work at height equipment.