Mental Health

Mental Health is something which everyone should know about. With a wide variety of courses in mental health, you can now get to grips with different mental health issues with the CPD Online College. Each of these courses have been created by mental health professionals and come with full CPD certification. Get started today and learn about a specific area of mental health to ensure you are able to help people that have issues in your workplace.

ADHD Awareness

This course will help you to understand ADHD better, it will look at the possible factors that could cause a child to have ADHD, the assessment that children can have if it is suspected they have ADHD and the support for them and their family after a diagnosis. We will also look at ADHD in adults and why it can be harder to diagnose.

Anxiety Awareness

This Anxiety Awareness course is perfect for anyone working with people that have anxiety issues. The course develops a strong understanding of triggers for anxiety and panic attacks, as well as approaches to overcoming anxiety.

Autism Awareness

This course will help you to have a better understanding of autism including what autism is and how to spot signs and symptoms. We will then go onto look at getting a diagnosis as an adult and how it is different to a diagnosis for a child.

Bipolar Disorder Awareness

This course is designed to give a wide knowledge of Bipolar Disorder to ensure that students can effectively assist people in managing their episodes. Through the five units you will be introduced to the effects of Bipolar Disorder and how to deal with these.

CBT Awareness

In our CBT Awareness course you will learn a lot about the theoretical background of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and about the CBT model. You will have the chance to touch on the history of CBT and on how this model was created, as well as gaining a detailed overview of how the principles of CBT can be applied to people of different ages, or with different mental health diagnoses.

COVID-19 Awareness

This COVID-19 course will help give you more insight into what is happening globally in the world, what rules are in place and how we can protect each other. After completing this course you will have a better understanding of what Coronavirus is, who it affects and how we can begin to go back to work in the safest possible way.

Care Certificate

Our Care Certificate course covers the 15 different Care Certificate standards, this course is suitable for new employees working in health and social care roles. This course will provide you with the fundamental skills that are needed in your health and social care job role, to provide quality care.

Children’s Mental Health

It is important for people who work with children to know how they can support children who have mental health difficulties. This Children’s Mental Health course will give you an insight into the different types of mental health difficulties common in children and how to help young people through these.

Depression Awareness

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses and with this course on depression awareness, you will have a much wider knowledge of what it is and the feelings experienced by a depressed individual.

Domestic Violence

In our Domestic Violence course you will learn of the existing legislations surrounding domestic violence in order to protect individuals. You will consider the key elements of domestic violence in relation to the behaviours that are experienced by both the abuser and the victim.

Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

In our Drugs and Alcohol Awareness course, you will gain a detailed insight into how drug and alcohol misuse impact someone’s life. You will learn about the various ways to treat addictions, such as detoxification, rehabilitation and various methods to cope while in recovery.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness

Our Foetal Alcohol Awareness course is perfect for anyone that wants to know the concept of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in terms of what it is and what might cause it to come about. This course will examine the signs and symptoms of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome as well as identifying the needs of the individual who grow up with this condition.

Internet Safety in Schools

In our Internet Safety in Schools course you gain more knowledge around what the content of a safety policy should contain so that professionals can develop such a policy with useful and meaningful information that keeps everyone safe within the setting when they are using the internet.

LGBTQ+ Awareness

Our LGBTQ Awareness course is for anyone wanting to know the up to date laws and legislations around LGBTQ+ itself. You will learn the importance of language and terminology in relation to minority groups and how the ways in which people are referred to and portrayed can have a significant impact on how they are perceived in society. You will learn whilst there are some similarities between bullying and harassment, the two are different, particularly when it comes to legalities.

Mental Capacity Act

This online Mental Capacity Act course teaches students the basics of this legislation, as well as how to carry out best interests decisions. Assessing capacity and various legal powers are also explained to ensure students have a strong knowledge of the five key principles of the MCA.

Mental Health Act

Our online Mental Health Act course allows you to gain the knowledge of this important piece of legislation and what it means for people working in the care sector. The course covers the various guiding principles within the Mental Health Act as well as how people are treated in accordance with the legislation.

Mental Health Awareness

This Mental Health Awareness course is great for anyone. It teaches the basics of mental health and why it is important to maintain a positive mental attitude. Through the course students will develop their knowledge of the issues which people with mental health problems face.

Mental Health in Schools

Our Mental Health in Schools course will look at the various different aspects of how positive mental health can be promoted in children, how this can impact their well-being and reduce the possibility for the development of mental health problems. This course would be perfect for anyone working with children.

OCD Awareness

In our OCD Awareness course you will learn that OCD is not an easy condition to diagnose as the ways in which it affects individuals can vary greatly. This course covers how OCD can impact someone’s life and those around them, especially if left untreated.

PTSD Awareness

In our PTSD Awareness course you will learn that PTSD is not an easy condition to diagnose, as the ways in which is affects individuals can vary greatly. This course covers how PTSD can impact someone’s life and those around them, especially if it is gone unnoticed.

Postnatal Depression Awareness

This Postnatal Depression Awareness course is great for anyone. Especially people who are working around new mothers, or has a family member experiencing postnatal depression. This course will help students to have more knowledge on what postnatal depression is and the types of support out there for people experiencing postnatal depression.

Schizophrenia Awareness

Schizophrenia has a number of different components which make it extremely serious and this course will help you to spot these symptoms and help a person seek appropriate treatment. The course comes with full certification and covers a number of medical interventions as well as methods to manage Schizophrenia.

Substance Misuse Awareness

In our Substance Misuse course, you will gain a detailed insight into how substance misuse disorders impact someone’s life, as well as into the particularities that make someone vulnerable. You will learn about the various ways to treat addictions, such as detoxification, rehabilitation and various methods to cope while in recovery.

Understanding Bullying

This course will give you a greater knowledge on understanding bullying in children. You will learn why bullying happens, how to support children that are being bullied, as well as the ways to prevent bullying. This course will also cover the elements set out by Ofsted to assess how schools should be evidencing their anti-bullying policies.

Understanding Eating Disorders

Enrol for this Understanding Eating Disorders course and improve your knowledge in spotting the signs of an eating disorder and putting in place support to help someone overcome this mental illness.

Understanding Phobias

Study our Understanding Phobias course to get a strong knowledge of what phobias are, how they come about and the most effective ways of treating extreme phobias.

Understanding Stress

Our Understanding Stress course teaches the feelings experienced with stress, as well as how stress can affect a persons life. Having coping strategies in place for times of high stress is very important for everyone and this course is great to help either you or some one you know deal with stressful periods in their life.

Workplace Mental Health

This Workplace Mental Health course will highlight everything you need to know regarding how employees should be supported at work. It outlines what employee and employer responsibilities are with regards to mental health.

Workplace Stress Awareness

In our Workplace Stress course, you will gain a greater understanding of what stress is, how it impacts people and what can be done to reduce work related stress. The course will also cover how an employee is considered fit for work after a period of absence, as well as acknowledging the importance of risk assessments in the workplace to ensure all employees are safe and that their mental health and well-being is taken into account.