Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

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This Mental Health Awareness course is great for anyone. It teaches the basics of mental health and why it is important to maintain a positive mental attitude. Through the course students will develop their knowledge of the issues which people with mental health problems face.

All about this course

Mental health awareness is something that is vital to everyone. This course is perfect to ensure you have a strong understanding of what mental health is and how to support people who may have a mental health issue. In the 5 units, this course covers the risk factors of mental health, the issues that people face as well as social attitudes to mental health.

This course is perfect for anyone looking for a better knowledge of mental health. Since mental health affects us all, this course is fantastic for anyone working in any industry.

In order to complete the course, you must achieve 80% or more in the final multiple choice quiz.

You will earn 3 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 3 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.

Fully CPD registered
Completed online with instant downloadable certificate
Fully printed certificate posted next day
Covers all required legislation and practices
Complete the online multiple choice assessment as many times as you need to pass

Units covered

Unit 1 – What is mental health? – In our first unit you will learn what mental health is. We will look at the definition, the components of mental well being, as well as how stress and ill health are linked. We will finish off by looking at the components of mental well-being.
Unit 2 – Risk factors – In this unit we will look at what a risk factor is and the risk factors that can affect an individual’s mental health. The risk factors that affect an individual will be covered under four different categories. Within these categories there are several examples of mental health problems, that can affect individuals throughout their lifetime. We will also look at these different types of mental health problem, and the risk factors that can cause these problems.
Unit 3 – Mental health care and the problems people face – Now we will look at how mental health care has changed over the centuries and how there has been a profound change to mental health care as much more is now understood about mental illness. We will look at the different problems and how they may affect the individual with mental health problems as well as the different attitudes to mental illness and how they can affect the individual and the people around them.
Unit 4 – Social attitudes to Mental Illness – Here we look at the different social attitudes towards mental illness. Different attitudes to mental illness and how they can affect the individual, the people around them and the different impacts these attitudes can have on an individual with mental illness will be covered.
Unit 5 – Legislation in Relation to Mental Illness – Finally we will look at the different legislation that surround Mental illness. and what these different legislations entail, their implications and the different legal provisions for individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves.